SODIC WhistleBlowing

Complaints Channel This is a secure channel of the receipt and treatment of WhistleBlowing Complaints(e.g. unethical behaviour, Illegal issues, Corruption/Collision) in a strict and anonymous submission mode that preserve the identity of the whistleblowers. For more details, Please refer to Whistleblowing Policy
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Accounting and Auditing Violation of accounting or auditing issues, including illegal or suspicious procedures in the preparation of financial statements, non-compliance with accounting principles, compliance with internal control system, auditing standards, policies and procedures.

Fraud and theft Illegal or improper use of any financial asset / resource of the company, including waste, misappropriation, fraud, bribery, corruption, collusion and fraudulent activities.

Operations and Finance Any act that is immoral, indecent or questionable involving the Company's operations, cash flow management or financial instruments.

Harassment and abuse

Violation of labor law and regulations, discrimination or harassment and violations.

Relations with suppliers or customers Violation of relationships with customers and suppliers (discrimination, false claim for availability or quality of services, negotiations on the basis of unethical and personal benefits, tenders and auctions).

Conflicts of interest and confidentiality
Conflicts of interest, health, safety, environment and improper use of confidential data.


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